Be an active participant in the Group's operations

Whatever your interests, Nexeo enables you to push further in your contribution and perform a strong role within our organisation.



Our project isn’t something that’s handed down from above: we build it together with you. Now it’s up to you!

Initiatives: choose the one(s) you've been dreaming about!

At Nexeo, everyone can grow in a way that’s aligned with their aspirations. Whether the idea is to develop your talent, stimulate innovation or participate in business development or life at the Group, you have the opportunity to join one or several of our 13 initiatives, divided into four families.


"From the very start at Nexeo, we have tried to create a project with a strong human dimension. Through the initiatives, you can be involved in your own special way! You may also help those families grow."

—Philippe Smolders, CEO et co-founder of Nexeo Groupe

The 4 Nexeo Initiatives families

Choose a theme and be accompanied by a mentor to achieve personal growth in the business environment. Mentoring involves personalised support: the frequency and method are up to you!

Do you have knowledge to share? Then you too can mentor someone!


Be guided by a Master and progress until you’ve reached a level of excellence in your field! Advance, share and achieve higher grades by making contributions, ultimately becoming a Master yourself…


A coach is periodically involved in assessing a candidate or helping a consultant to explore a technical or functional subject in greater depth. It’s up to you to choose your angle!
Practice Leader

Emerging very early on in our company’s history, these individuals embody the heritage of our know-how formed during package projects. A Practice Leader “carries” and develops a Group offering on the market.

Lab Dev

Our LAB specialises in NeuroChain, an alliance of the blockchain and artificial intelligence. Joining the LAB means contributing to high-stakes technology research and tomorrow’s innovations!


Born from the idea that the best way to understand our clients is to do it for real, this investment club is run by consultants who are curious to experience what their users do every day. Interested in joining the club?

Join Nexeo and you’ll finally understand the meaning of “happy at work”! You can then act as a Group spokesman to spread the word about how we really feel inside!

Co-opting employees

You know people who know people who we’re interested in! This means you have everything you need to present the Group and help us recruit the right people.


Do you know what the key element of our identity is? Our managerial system!

At Nexeo, a manager follows a consultant’s entire career, contacts him or her very regularly and makes him/herself available where necessary. Everyone can become a manager: you just need to be able to devote a bit of time to it!

Business Dev

Want to help your company? Contribute to the company’s development by adopting the right habits to detect, categorise and even respond to a client need thanks to this initiative.
Happy Maker

The role of the Happy Makers is to unite the Nexeo community in a given geographical area by organising events outside of work: afterworks, sports outings, cultural outings, etc. Now it’s over to you!


Invest your time and have a life-changing experience that will enrich how you view the world: take up the opportunity to go on a humanitarian trip for several weeks to give your help to people who really need it.


From board games to video games and poker, choose the type you’re interested in and enjoy an evening playing with others! Conducted in small groups, gaming evenings allow you to meet other employees in a setting different to afterworks events.

The working groups: Nex’Step

As part of a continuous and collaborative improvement drive, in 2010 we launched the Nex’Step programme, or working groups that work on implementing organisations, processes or tools that are useful for everyone. Run on a volunteer basis, the Nex’Step programme helps to build an environment that stimulates both collective and individual progress.

From innovation to the consultant’s charter and the application of co-opting employees, there’s always a topic to explore!

Become an Agile Expert

We hold roadshows on the Agile methodology on some of our clients’ premises (attendance of up to 80) at the initiative of our consultants themselves. In 2017 (what about 2018?), Nexeo was a sponsor of Devoxx, a benchmark high-tech show.

Learn more about our consultants' external presentations

• Participation in the ESCP workshop “Governance and Ethics”.
• Organisation of PRMIA ( events, speaker on quantitative measurement in asset management (2016) and data management (2017).
• Speaker on the British Council during inter alumni evenings on the digital transformation for financial services.
• Speaker Agile Tour 2017 (Netherlands and Rennes), evangelisation actions on the Scrum methodology via roadshows at our clients and other external parties (Amundi, Ventes Privées, SGCIB, etc.).