Participating in an ongoing monitoring and innovation drive

Nexeo sees innovation as a strategic growth area that every employee </br> is encouraged to contribute to.

The Nexeo LAB: surpassing technological limitations to offer new solutions

We believe that the blockchain will remodel the economic landscape in the coming years and change how processes and interactions between agents currently take place. We support our clients in these changes by thinking of the blockchain as a platform of the future rather than merely as a technology disconnected from everything else.


Dedicated to research work, our LAB is a veritable incubator for research into disruptive technologies. It aspires to close the gap between fundamental academic research and industry by fostering the emergence of cutting-edge industrial research within its core. It aims to propose subjects and projects that are visible to all employees in order to provide highly innovative solutions and eventually serve our clients’ interests.


Our LAB addresses fundamental issues in mathematics and computer science, developments in these areas and their applications to our fields of work. These efforts are crystallised in technical expertise through consulting, the implementation of internal tools and proof of concepts.

Involving our employees who are between assignments when they are on the campus, our LAB conducts research into several projects, such as:
● Data project encompassing research into big data, databases and IT Security
● Risk project encompassing FRTB and CVA VAR topics, which is steered by a functional project with technical offshoots

Did you know?

Nexeo is the co-founder of a business software developer (SmartCo) that’s now chosen by many banks around the world and recognised for its innovative technology offering.


"We work on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, including the design of intelligent algorithms to detect fraudulent transactions, developing scalability protocols and accelerating performance."

—Khaled, Lab Manager

Practice Leader: become an engine in our innovation drive

Emerging very early on in our company’s history, the Practice Leaders embody the heritage of our know-how formed during package projects. Their role is to combine internal stimulation of expertise and external stimulation through partnerships, forums, trade shows, meetups, etc. They structure and guide their subject of expertise, while also providing ongoing market monitoring.

Events and workshops:
advancing together

We regularly take part in major events (Microsoft Experiences, Devoxx, Agile France, Blockchain, etc.) and hold workshops every month with the aim of gaining insight into and sharing the key trends and new releases on the markets. This continual monitoring is attentive to developments on our markets, and enables us to expand our expertise and offer ever-more innovative solutions.


"To be a Practice Leader means animating, shaping and sharing your expertise through an ongoing monitoring of the market and its evolution. This way, you can anticipate and better meet our clients needs."

—Carine - Performance Management Practice Director at Finaxium

One conference per year per person: moulding talents

In addition to a tailored training and certification policy, every employee has the opportunity to participate in at least one conference per year.
Blockchain, Agile France, ScrumDay, LeanKanban France, nCrafts, Devoxx, Paris, WebTechDays, etc. – the opportunities to learn and grow are myriad.