IS Transformation

Design and implementation of information systems

Our practices

Nexeo delivers cross-functional practices: comprehensive service offerings bringing together experts from several or all group entities involved in these business lines.


"We aim to make Nexeo a company recognised for its innovative nature, beyond the recognition it has gained for quality of service. We've drawn on our consultants' talents and expertise to meet tomorrow's challenges."

—Antoine Darcet, President and co-founder

IS innovation Practice

  • Big Data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Digital

IS Business Software Practice

● Project management and governance
● Project ownership support
● Application configuration and personalisation
● Implementation of support function, deployment management, change management

IS Security Practice

  • IS security audits
  • Continuity plan
  • System/data/network/access security

Innovation at Nexeo: a core strategic area.

To grow, diversify and create our new economic world, we are involved in an ongoing drive of monitoring and innovation. We encourage our employees to look to influencers for personal growth, discover new work tools and methods, attend conferences and produce a growing volume of expertise content for our clients. Several communities within the Group monitor technical subjects, and Practices oversee high value-added clients.

Nexeo’s LAB, which serves as an incubator for disruptive technologies, aspires to close the gap between fundamental academic research and industry by fostering the emergence of cutting-edge industrial research within its core.
To achieve this, the LAB addresses fundamental issues in mathematics and computer science, developments in these areas and their applications to our fields of work. These efforts are crystallised in technical expertise through consulting, the implementation of internal tools and proof of concepts. The LAB also performs a training role within the Group, circulating techniques, best practices and monitoring within the various subsidiaries through seminars and workshops aimed at the consultants.

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Delivering a powerful tool: from the statement of requirements to rollout.

Our clients are dealing with increasingly complex products whose value also lies in their ability to manage them using extremely powerful tools. This performance is reflected in the functional requirements, which are fuelled by a competitive environment and a regulatory context that is constantly developing. This practice, which is dedicated to the integration of financial software, rolls out complementary skills and handles business software integration projects. This activity is a high-value offering that allows our clients to focus on their business, while also enjoying the benefits of a powerful tool.

Our teams handle the execution of specialised business software integration projects for banking, finance and insurance, from support to the statement of requirements and the choice of a solution and its rollout: installation, configuration, personalisation, optimisation and change management.
Thanks to their multidisciplined capability – project managers, business software experts, functional experts, technical architects, etc. -, our teams have comprehensive insight into business and technical challenges. They can even implement interoperability in systems deployed in client information systems that are already expansive and complex.

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Security at the heart of your strategy.

Although the benefit of a business continuity plan and an IS security drive is obvious, it isn’t always clear where to make a start. Have you properly identified the business challenges, involved the stakeholders, identified the critical scopes? And now that they’ve been rolled out, how do you enact these approaches over time? Nexeo Infrastructure provides the audits and inventories required to secure an IS, both at a technical and procedural level. Through our teams of experts, we develop and roll out the strategies inherent in:
● maintaining the continuity plan (IT disaster recovery, user fall-back);
● securing systems/networks/data/access.
We also handle the management and upgrade of security-dedicated infrastructures.

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Working methods

We implement (training, procedures, support) teams using an agile methodology. Depending on the nature of the service the client expects, we provide the most suitable service mechanism, both in terms of the added value and the contractual commitments that it involves.

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Provision and management of a set of resources requiring homogenous skills.
Suited to the RUN mode

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Provision of services in a defined activity, where the quality of the services delivered is entrusted to Nexeo.
Suited to the PROJECT & RUN modes

Package See more

Provision of a service with a commitment on results, plus penalties in case of failure to achieve the target indicator values.
Suited to the PROJECT mode