IS Transformation

Design and implementation of Information Systems

Faced with fundamental shifts in the Banking-Finance-Insurance industries, our experts help their clients to define and implement their IT strategy.

Our mission

From industrialisation to technological innovations and the growing volume of regulations, the financial and insurance industries have been faced with the need to transform their business models over the last 10 years.
In response to these challenges, our consultants implement tomorrow’s solutions for the largest players in the sector, from functional support – collection of requirements, creation of scope statement, change management – to technical support.

A digital services company with a drive for ongoing innovation

Thanks to our numerous accounts, our experts are able to share seasoned know-how and a clear vision of the market. With a constant eye on technological transformations, they exchange best practices during workshops that help to develop their functional expertise and technical know-how, enabling them to handle the full scope of a given project.

High value-added projects

Our partnerships with software vendors (SimCorp, NeoXam, Markit, Orchestra, etc.) and support from an operations division enable us to work on high value-added projects, with a commitment to delivering results.

Our operational entities: experts working by your side

Our services and practices
in Banking, Finance and Insurance

We work throughout the entire project cycle

As such, Nexeo provides a very broad and comprehensive range of roles. Our teams include consultants who have developed technical expertise, functional expertise or a dual technical-functional skill set: specialists in financial software, technical architects, design engineers, business analysts, etc.

Our practices

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Examples of positions at Nexeo:

Software craftsman

As the key element in a product development team, the craftsman pays close attention to understanding requirements and therefore the design of a product. To achieve this, s/he implements development best practices (clean code, TDD, BDD, software factory, legacy refactoring, etc.). S/he acts as guarantor of applications within the team and promotes them in the other teams.

DevOps Manager

When the business teams (sales, marketing, etc.) implement web and mobile applications, expert profiles are needed to dialogue with the business lines and make the data available to them in the form of web services (or APIs). The DevOps is able to respond to this challenge through his/her dual capability as a web developer and network administrator.


Continuous Delivery Manager

Continuous delivery means being capable of rolling out a new version in a production environment at any time. The CDM ensures the monitoring and maintenance of the appropriate quality of deliveries as part of a devops approach. His/her objective is to meet time-to-market expectations.



Data Scientist

The advent of major data volumes (big data and huge data) and the digitisation of business have prompted the emergence of this profession, which extends beyond a data miner or data analyst role. A data scientist is able to understand business issues, handle multiple data sources simultaneously and has solid skills in statistics.


Agile Tester

This tester position has knowledge of agile methodologies and therefore of automatic testing strategies. S/he is proficient in tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, Specflow, QTP, Watin and xUnit, and at least one language (Java, C#, Ruby, etc.). His/her skill set is supplemented by knowledge of business workflows (creation of use cases) and software quality.