Want to join a group that is as human as
it is successful?

Read our tips on joining us.

Wanted: talents and personalities

From the very start of Nexeo, we made a strong decision to define an enterprise plan that is driven by the employees. In addition, aside from the professional skills required, the group places special importance on your personality and mindset to ensure that your values are aligned with our company’s.


Our participatory and approachable management will make sure that you experience a stimulating ambience and working environment, while also ensuring a good work-life balance.


The qualities that Nexeo expects

Caterina Gamoulou

Human Resources Director


Our tips on applying

 Bruno Cereira

Recruitement manager


Desired profiles

An attitude of consideration and transparency, openness, commitment and above all ability to adapt to different environments are very important criteria for success within the group.

How you communicate, your proactivity and your ability to work in a team are all assets that will allow you to learn quickly in a favourable work environment.

Lastly, a desire to get involved in life at Nexeo, beyond the completion of assignments, is something we believe in strongly, as this will contribute to the company’s development and your growth.


Your onboarding process

Hello, I'm Nexy and I'm part of the Nexeo recruitment team.

I’m going to tell you about your recruitment and onboarding process.
There’ll be a lot of us taking care of you: HR, managers, business engineers and directors


Understanding your goals

Our discussion will allow us to understand what you’re looking for, your motivations and to prepare the rest of the process. I’ll now be your main contact.

I contact you


I meet you


Getting to know you better

This first meeting is an opportunity for me to learn about your personality. I introduce you to the company and its culture.


Presenting our assignment opportunities

We meet with a business engineer. S/he finds out what your dream assignment is and presents the opportunities we can offer you.


During our second meeting...


An online test


Finding out your technical and functional capabilities

We give you a technical or functional test. Because your time is precious, you can take this online at your convenience. We analyse your test in the fairest way possible, discussing it with you if necessary.


Get to know Nexeo through our consultants

I offer you a meeting with a Nexean who shares things in common with you:

the same school, a former employer, etc., so you can have a relaxed chat!

I put you in contact


During our last meeting...


Meet our management team

The Senior Management team is very keen to meet all future Nexeans. This is an opportunity to ask all your questions and for the Management to provide you with a summary of previous interviews and present our enterprise plan to you.


Sealing our agreement

If we decide to move forward together, I send you a formal offer. There are no catches! Everything is in writing. After agreeing, we sign the contract together.

I make a formal offer


Operational contact


Preparing for your arrival

The head of operations contacts you so that you can both prepare your arrival together. S/he defines the areas to work on with you.


Diverse meetings

On the agenda: Induction breakfast, HR onboarding meeting, update with the administrative team, discussion with management, etc. Every effort is made to ensure you have a good understanding of how Nexeo works and its teams. There’s also the welcome bag, which contains (great) gifts!

Your integration


1st meeting with


Your sales team

A business engineer contacts you so that you can meet the sales team.

This is another opportunity to express your assignment wishes and get to know everyone better.


Sharing with you

There’s no shortage of BBLs, Workshops, Parties and opportunities to get involved!

You're the guest


A multitude of tools


MyNex, our social network

Your access to MyNex, our fully responsive internal social network, provides a wealth of information (document libraries, register for fun activities or training, employee directory, etc.).



Building your future with you

Your end-of-onboarding interview takes place with your HR and your manager. This is an opportunity to catch up and look ahead to the remainder of your adventure with Nexeo, which we hope will be a long one!

Onboarding appraisal


You're now a confirmed Nexean!

High-stakes assignments, training, involvement in group projects, etc. – now it’s up to you!