IS Transformation Insurance

Design and implementation of information systems in Insurance

Since 2015, NEXEO Assurance has provided services in dual functional skills and information systems in insurance activities and their management rules.

Our mission

Born from a desire by Nexeo Group to create new business synergies, Nexeo Assurance is an approachable company that benefits from the extensive experience of Henri Strasburger, its director and partner. Nexeo Assurance helps to enhance its clients’ performances by providing support in distribution circuits, client sectors, management processes and life insurance/savings/health-personal protection products.


Our core areas of activity
• Property and casualty insurance: homeowner’s comprehensive, motor, business comprehensive insurance
• Life Insurance, Savings and Personal Protection, Health Insurance, Pension Insurance
• Financial risk insurance: credit insurance, reinsurance


Our expertise in insurance activities
• Front office: CRM, multichannel, big data, social and mobility
• Back office: claims, billing, collection, cash-out
• Accounting: insurance accounting systems
• Products: actuarial studies
• Cross-disciplinary functions: IT, risk control, human resources

Taxation and regulation:

• European regulatory reform (Solvency II)
• Popularisation of supplemental health insurance (National Cross-Industry Agreement)
• Registered HR filings
• ECKERT bill on escheated life insurance policies

Our success stories: Nexeo Assurance

For a major insurance company: business analyst assignment on high-stakes projects of the Front Savings Study department. (1/4)

Issue: implementation, notably for the independent financial planners, of B2B and B2B2C extranet solutions to facilitate “online act” tasks for savings insurance distribution.

– Authoring of functional specifications
– Approval of digital tools

Key to the consultant’s success: his knowledge of the digital transformation and the tools provided to the independent financial planners, enabling him to provide valuable assistance to the business lines.

Support for the client's Compliance teams in implementing big data solutions in the anti-money laundering effort at an investment bank. (2/4)

– Provide an end-to-end multi-standard process integrating the Single Decree with Solvency II production
– Enable a reduction in the four business days’ lead time for financial and prudential publications
– Introduce a single board meeting covering February of each year

Key to the consultant’s success: His financial and actuarial technical capability enabled him to effectively contribute to harmonising the repositories across the entire production chain and formalising results in a systematic and industrialised manner

For a mutual health insurance provider: involvement as a transitional manager in group insurance to manage a management service. (3/4)

-Managerial support to organise, coordinate and steer activities
-Anticipation of production flows according to seasonality
-Process allocations of collections in sensitive portfolios
-Ensure the quality of the Customer Relationship and implement the necessary corrective actions
-Prepare dashboards and ensure their monitoring

Key to the consultant’s success: His business expertise in group insurance and directing management services

4) For the IS Division of a major bank insurance company and its decision-making department: Project Director Consultant assignment, deputy to the manager of the Decision-Making Department. (4/4)

– Management of the Decision-Making Department’s project portfolio:
– Steering of regulatory projects (ECKERT, OFAC, EAI, etc.)
– Support, backup and assistance for the Project Managers: 5 Project Managers, 20 developers.
– Budget management for the department: 75 projects per year divided into two major versions and ad hoc, as well as in-service support
– Activity reporting for the department: projects, in-service support, continuous improvement actions.

Key to the consultant’s success: Decision-making expertise and proficiency in the PMO role