Transformation SI Banque

Design, implementation and support in the transformation of bank Information Systems

Behind Nexeo Banque is the Nexeo group’s ambition to support all the retail banking business lines in their digital transformation.

Our mission

Digital transformation and the emergence of new innovative competitors such as FinTech companies are prompting retail banks to rethink their models, to innovate and to initiate extensive transformation programmes. They therefore need to roll out agile project governance methods and a client-centric strategy based on the capacity to deliver a cross-channel commitment.

Banks must conduct this huge transition while continuing to develop, adjusting to new European and international regulations (Basel, Eckert law, AML/CFT, GDPR, etc.), addressing their IS obsolescence and reorganising their networks.

Nexeo Banque’s mission is to support them from the early strategic thinking through to implementing the projects, by offering functional, technical and methodological expertise. We manage projects according to the Agile methodology, and design and develop high value-added business software, digital solutions geared to the customer experience, and Data-based steering systems. Our teams consist of technical experts and functional consultants from the banking industry (means of payment, electronic banking and credit risk).

Our success stories

For a leading French retail bank, overhaul of the real-estate loan website by applying the Scrum/Agile method

Problem: the overhaul aimed to deliver a responsive design website with a microservice technical architecture.

  • Deliverables:
  • Rewriting of the website with microservice architecture implementation (in Angular 7, NodeJS, Docker, etc.)
  • Supporting the customer’s in-house teams through the technical upskilling
  • Coordinating the various stakeholders (internal, external)
  • Collaborating on user stories
  • Leading a steering committee
  • Monitoring and managing the budget
  • Supervising a team of five

Success factor: proficiency in target technologies and the architecture, and the ability to assist the customer and teams with the stumbling blocks to be avoided during implementation.

Involvement as Scrum Master in the rollout of a SAFe organisation in a cooperative bank

Problem: Support the successful implementation and good practices of the Agile methodology within an application perimeter in direct contact with all the client communication channels and pre-sales and sales channels (bank branches, website, mobile app).

  • Deliverables:
  • Guaranteeing the Scrum methodology and its successful application
  • Managing the development team, particularly in terms of constraints and achieving goals
  • Assessing the complexity of features and user stories
  • Ensuring a solid understanding of requirements
  • Introducing KPIs and monitoring developments

Success factor: in-depth understanding of the methodology and its application in a complex organisation together with teaching skills in operational implementation and support. Good quality steering.