IS Transformation Infrastructure

Design and protection of information systems in Banking, Finance and Insurance

Nexeo Infrastructure was created to support Information Systems divisions in the fields of IT production and infrastructures.

Our mission

As the foundation of the information system, infrastructures are the bedrock of IT transformation projects. Nexeo Infrastructure helps information systems divisions to achieve the business objectives that they support. Directed by Eric Fernandes, Nexeo Infrastructure rolls out its clients’ IT service level improvement and cost control strategies, both through efficient management of their infrastructures and the scoping and rollout of transformation projects.


DevOps and Infra As Code

Agility is in motion at Nexeo Infrastructure. In a world where the boundaries between development and operation are fading away and in which infrastructures are increasingly managed by software, our positioning between the DevOps and Infra As Code practices is one of the wisest approaches.

Our activities

Nexeo Infrastructure is active at several levels:
• IT strategy expertise and consulting to align IT production with business objectives. See more

Audit information systems, identify and implement drivers to optimise the cost infrastructure, improve the quality of services and avenues for regulatory      compliance.


• Support for transformation by contributing to project scoping and execution. See more

Study optimisation opportunities through the rollout of new solutions, virtualisation, streamlining, consolidation and outsourcing. Define the project’s business case and ROI, and size it. Steer and technically deploy the transformation.

• Management production for the utilisation and operational maintenance of IT infrastructures. See more

Manage and support production / preproduction / qualification / development environments and the infrastructures on which they are based. Oversee preparations for the launch of application upgrade projects.

Our success stories: Nexeo Infrastructure

For a major French bank: support for the implementation of technical projects (1/2)

Issue: As part of a major French bank’s ambitious IT transformation plan, we helped our client implement around 30 technical projects. Guaranteeing the implementation of a project in its entirety, the skills required are twofold: project management (knowing how to unite the different teams, sense of commitment, ability to communicate, independence) and general technical knowledge (studies and development, production, infrastructures).

• Organise, coordinate and lead the entire team, from design through to launch
• Coordinate and implement the IT recovery plans (BCP, DRP)
• Monitor the risks and the contingency plans
• Manage relations with suppliers
• Propose adjustments of objectives if necessary (quality, cost, lead time)
• Lead the steering committees and reporting to the ID division management

Key to the consultant’s success: proficiency in technical skills (operating systems, cloud, middleware, database, infrastructure)

For a major French bank: support the industrialisation and automation of the integration and roll-out of business applications. (2/2)

Issue: we rolled out this project in the IT production department of a major French bank to improve productivity while also enhancing controls and reducing operational risks.

• Improve the processes for creating, integrating and rolling out application or technical solutions
• Integrate the applications into the production environment: implement technical acceptance, industrialisation, automation, protection and production launch.
• Verify the application of standards (IT security, quality, monitoring)
• Check that the solutions can be run on the servers
• Act as an advisor to the project/upgrade teams
• Organise and coordinate all of the integration work by having a comprehensive overview of the architecture solution proposed (hardware, software, network).

Key to the consultant’s success: proficiency in the technologies specific to the project (cloud, big data, NoSQL, J2EE) and in particular Devops: Puppet, jenkins, GIT, Docker, Ansible, etc.