Employee well-being and CSR:
core components of our efforts

In addition to having a structured and proactive CSR approach, Nexeo is committed to being an employer of choice and a group that creates shared values and progress, both for every employee and the company as a whole.

Nexeo, an employer of choice

Culturally and historically, the group positions itself as a caring company that is attentive to its consultants’ well-being.  “Participatory” and “approachable” are the hallmarks of our management, who strive to ensure that every individual finds their way, grows and develops their talents.


Nexeo N°1 Happy At Work & Great Place To Work

When we first participated in 2017, Nexeo was named no.1 in the Happy at Work ranking on meilleurs-entreprises.com in the category of companies with 200 to 1,000 employees in France.
Demonstrating its ongoing improvement, Nexeo was also named Best Workplaces for companies with 50 to 500 employees when it first took part in 2018.
These rankings are mainly based on anonymous employee voting.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our Group has been GOLD ECOVADIS rated since 2014, making Nexeo one of the top 1% rated companies in our industry every year since.


Our efforts

Awarded for our CSR commitments, we are proud to have been rated Gold Ecovadis for the 8th consecutive year.


Ecovadis is the number one collaborative platform for assessing business SER performances and is present in over 120 countries with 40,000 partners. The Ecovadis audit covers four areas: Environment, Social, Business Ethics and Suppliers, and requires involved and concrete actions in these four areas. For example, Nexeo works to:

– Minimise its environmental impact: toner consumption was halved in 2016 and workstations have received the 100% Energy Star label (less energy consumed or energy savings)
– Prefer service providers that have applied for or obtained ISO 14 001 certification
– Encourage humanitarian efforts by supporting the “Coup de Pouce” association or by asking its consultants to undertake humanitarian trips in every region of the world.

Nexeo voted No. 1 'Best Office 2019' by Positive Workplace

Positive Workplace is the 1st national ranking of the most responsible companies. This year, our actions have been rewarded by receiving the 1st place of their "Best Office" ranking!

Learn more about Positive Workplace


Signatories of the "Charte de la Diversité"

The Nexeo group has been a signatory of the “Charte de la Diversité” diversity charter for several years. This commitment is reflected daily through:
– Our multinational workforce (over 20 nationalities to date)
– Investigation, with every individual encouraged to work on the organisation and strategies that build the company’s future

United Nations Global Compact

A member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012, Nexeo is committed to its ten universal key principles concerning human rights, standards at work, the environment and anti-corruption.


Equality, Equity, Ethics

Owing to our conviction that a guideline is essential to the group’s longevity, we have drawn up an ethical charter.


The Nexeo ethical charter

This is one of the cornerstones of our enterprise plan, enabling recognition of our integrity on our markets and our requirements in this field.
We ask every employee and company working for the group to familiarise themselves with and apply the principles of this charter in every circumstance.

Disability-Friendly Policy

The Nexeo Group, which is particularly sensitive to this subject, is firmly committed to promoting the integration of people with a disability.

Our main actions:

– Consider all applications, including from people with a disability, on the basis of equal qualifications.
– Disability access at the Paris head office.
– Partnerships with companies in the sheltered employment sector (e.g. purchase of supplies, recycling of computer equipment and paper, joint-contracting contracts, etc.).
– Managers required to take awareness training.
– Partnership with the Handicap Emploi show.