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"Transformation, innovation and customer satisfaction are all challenges that our clients have to meet to stay competitive."

—Carine - Performance Management Practice Director at Finaxium

Governance, Risks and Compliance

Regulatory compliance
Risk management
GRC organisation
Analysis of strategic projects
Outsourcing of functions
Operational support

Data Management

Selection of solutions
Contractual relationship management
Data governance
Data urbanisation
Sourcing policy definition
Implementation of the data administrator & market data function

Performance management

Process optimisation
Performance management
Information systems upgrades
Analysis of strategic projects
Outsourcing of functions
Operational excellence


Governance, Risk & Compliance Practice

The growing volume of regulatory requirements and supervision, as well as the need to optimise the management of risks and rare resources, is prompting companies to rethink their cross-functional steering requirements. Whether in regulatory watch, analysing new activities, ensuring compliance, upgrading models, reporting or organisation, Finaxium’s GRC practice helps its clients to maximise the efficiency of support functions and their integration into operational activities.

● Active in all types of risks and regulations, Finaxium offers its clients the following services:
● Strategic analysis: Process analysis, regulatory impacts study, optimisation recommendations, reorganisation
● Operational support: Production & improvement of calculations, reports, accreditation packages and projects
● Regulatory compliance: Interpretation of texts, Project steering, change management, steering of supervisory exercises.
● Risk management: Design and validation of Models, statistical studies, prototyping, back-testing, consolidation.
● Outsourcing: due diligence, auditing, Investment Services Compliance Manager, DPO
● GRC organisation: Governance, mapping and repositories, rollout of tools

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Governance, Risks and Compliance Practice:
Our success stories (1/3)

For a corporate and investment bank: reconduct of pillar 2 calculations and processes (ICAAP, ILAAP, stress tests).

We assisted our client with the entire system, from defining the risk appetite to submitting regulatory reports, working oncredit, market, operational and liquidity risks calculations, including correlations and stress tests. We then ensured the sustainability of the process by rolling out procedures and tools, as well as training line personnel. We supported our client through to the audit by the supervisory authority, which validated the system.

• Risk appetite
• Calculation system and tools
• Documentation and training
• Regulatory reports

Governance, Risks and Compliance Practice:
Our success stories (2/3)

For a credit risk department, in a context of highly diverse activities: overhaul of processes linked to the consolidation of customer exposures and KYC obligations.

In response to operational and regulatory needs, we formalised the risk monitoring requirements (contracts, market operations), as well as the client data required for this monitoring. We then selected solutions, taking into account the ability to aggregate data from various sources, the reliability of the data (checks, audit trails, etc.) and support from the risk control processes.

● Formalisation of requirements
● Selection packages
● Summary and choice of solution
● Implementation micro-planning

Governance, Risks and Compliance Practice:
Our success stories (3/3)

For a corporate and investment bank: analysis and overhaul of anti-money laundering processes, incorporating the risk, organisation and traceability aspects.
In a context of growing risks under resource constraints, we helped our client to select its tools and optimise its workload. The chosen solution widened the parameters taken into account, automated the risk calculations and created an audit trail that could be displayed in dashboard form.

• Comparison of solutions
• Statement of requirements
• Steering of the new process
• Documentation and training


Data Management Practice

Data management is Finaxium’s traditional area of expertise. The growing volume of information, both internally and externally, is creating an increased challenge in data management. The financial industry is no exception to this rule and also has very specific characteristics linked to data use rights, regulatory constraints and data itself.


We support our clients in:

  • Selecting solutions: RFP, RFI, benchmarking of solutions
  • Managing the contractual relationship with market data providers: Financial and legal analysis of contracts, contract negotiation, etc.
  • Data governance: Implementation of processes, definition of the data dictionary, etc.
  • Data urbanisation: Choice of architecture, repositories, big data, DWH
  • Sourcing policy definition: Optimisation of sources, multi-sourcing/mono-sourcing policy
  • Implementation of the data administrator & market data function: definition of objectives and processes, recruitment of the team members.
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Data Management Practice: Our success stories (1/2)

For a major corporate and investment bank: analysis of market data management issues in governance, organisational and architectural terms.

As part of improvements to their system, we assisted our client in identifying its strengths and weaknesses relative to marketplace best practices by helping it to plan ahead for new challenges facing the organisation: business developments, regulatory changes and technological innovation.

– Audit of the existing structure
– Definition of the guiding principles
– RFP for selecting a master data management tool
– Construction of the LTOM and its implementation plan

Data Management Practice: Our success stories (2/2)

Implementation of the market data function at an asset management firm. As part of a review of expenses and contractual compliance in the use of data, we helped the client to identify the use of data from external suppliers in respect of these existing contracts.

– Audit of the existing structure
– Identification of use per supplier
– Sales and contractual negotiation
– Budget plan


Performance management practice

In a context of continual and rapid developments, companies are having to innovate and reinvent their practices or even adjust their business model.
The goal of these efforts is to increase productivity, improve effectiveness, enhance value or cut costs.
In the era of digital, robotisation and data visualisation, Finaxium’s Performance Management practice assists its clients with all of their transformation and optimisation projects.

Active in all areas of finance, Finaxium offers its clients the following services:
● Performance management: profitability analysis, business partner, resource allocation optimisation, steering
● Strategic analysis: process analysis, impact studies, optimisation and urbanisation recommendations, reorganisation, optimisation and reduction of costs
● Project management: Project steering, change management
● Information systems upgrades: Business intelligence, RPA, data visualisation, migrations, digitisation, dematerialisation
● Outsourcing: accounting, retrocessions
● Operational efficiency

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Performance management practice: Our success stories (1/2)

At one of the largest French asset managers: steering of a project to implement a tool for monitoring liabilities and distribution commissions.
In a context of cost-cutting and a growing need to steer activity, we helped our client to implement its project to monitor client liabilities, integrating different sources of data from different centralising agents, putting in place relevant controls and in particular recalibrating assets and liabilities. This project enabled the financial and sales divisions to steer product, client and client/product profitability.

– Process definition and documentation
– Definition of the guiding principles
– Construction of LTOMs
– Implementation
– Reporting

Performance management practice: Our success stories (2/2)

For an asset management firm: definition of the target operating model for the financial division.
In a context of cost optimisation, automation, etc., we helped our client implement a dedicated project entity, choose its tools and implement them. The tools put in place, whether organisational, functional or technical, increased productivity, enhanced performance, secured processes and refocused employees on higher value-added tasks.

– Analysis of existing processes, identification of pain points and definition of target processes
– Production of the project plan and definition of the functional architecture
– State of the art
– RFI, RFP, scoring, POC
– Implementation
– Documentation and training