Growing from every individual's talent and knowledge

Convinced that encounters and sharing are the driving forces of cohesion and collective momentum, we encourage a mindset that is open to a variety of communities and events that enable us to grow.


Every fortnight, a BBL or workshop is held on our premises: live coding, Kata clean code, Prince 2, MIFID, Kubernetes, Istio, etc. Whether it’s for internal or external experts or about a technical or financial subject, sharing knowledge is always the aim of the game! We also offer presentations on our clients’ premises.

Inter-account lunches

These lunch events bring together consultants whose clients are in the same district, giving them the opportunity to discuss common issues and create valuable memories! They are organised by the community known as the Happy Makers.


Happy Makers

The role of the Happy Makers is to unite the Nexeo community in a given geographical area by organising events outside of work within allocated budget: afterworks, sports outings, cultural outings, etc.
They also ensure that each new consultant visiting a client in their sector is connected with all of the group consultants already in place. Then it’s time to unwind!


The Nexeo annual weekend

Every year we organise a weekend in the great outdoors, where all employees who want to take part are welcome. At this very important annual event we share our company strategy, hold workshop retreats and run events. This is a genuine opportunity for relaxation, sharing and high spirits that forges the Group’s future.


Wherever you are, our internal social network Mynex, available on multiple devices, lets you constantly stay in touch with life at our company. Providing news, internal or external events and opportunities for meet-ups, everyone is free to express themselves and grow.