Working together
to devise tomorrow's solutions

At Nexeo, we believe that responding to tomorrow’s challenges means thinking and acting differently starting today: Commitment, Collective Intelligence and Ongoing Innovation are the hallmarks of our enterprise plan.

Our mission:

To ensure that every project achieves long-term added value for our clients.


In an accelerating and changing world, we help our clients in Banking-Finance-Insurance to adapt and transform their processes and information systems.
We ensure that every project creates value through tailored support and high-quality services: our proven methodological know-how, our ongoing innovation drive and our ability to deliver cross-functional, tailored services are among our most important assets. Meanwhile, every individual’s commitment and growth drive our development.

Our commitments: Ethics & Skill

From the very start of Nexeo in 2002, we made a strong commitment: Ethics and Skill.
Since then, regardless of whether the market is on a high or low, we remain firmly connected to these choices and our vision, which is focused on the long-term.
Because of both our nature and our culture, we endeavour to ensure we’re attentive to our clients so that we always provide the best technical and functional skills. Our employee recruitment, training and monitoring policy, as well as our drive to plan ahead for technological and financial developments, serve as proof of our values.


The co-founders' vision


Our values: Commitment, Sharing, Consideration

The intellectual services industry can sometimes be guided by opportunism. From the very start, we decided to define a corporate plan that is driven by the employees themselves. Our employees’ satisfaction is primarily a result of instilling a collective plan in which every individual can be fulfilled, plan ahead, understand their role and measure their contribution.