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At Nexeo, everyone has their desires, dreams and career path.

Giving you the best possible environment to allow you to blossom is our main goal.

Build a career tailored for your goals

At Nexeo, we provide:
– A personalised support from an accredited manager
– An ambitious training policy, also personalised
– A clear, precise, transparent and measurable appraisal system. This allows every individual to understand where they are and what steps they need to take to reach their goals.


Being managed by your peers


Here are the five advantages of this management model

This management model, introduced in 2007, is unmatched by our rivals. Because there’s no hierarchical relationship between consultants and business engineers, our consultants are assured of growth.

For every individual, we guarantee management that is:

  • High Quality: The managers are above all experienced consultants who are able to provide sound advice;
  • Consistent: Managers are selected based on their application and interview, and are assigned according to their similarities with the consultants.
  • Impartial: There is no conflict of interest between employee and manager. This ensures peace of mind for the entire team.
  • Professional: The managers are involved in a process of training and continuous improvement (courses, workshops, experience-sharing sessions).
  • Monitoring over time: Managers do not change at the same time as an assignment. This means that a manager supports the consultant’s progress.

Bespoke training and learning

At Nexeo, developing everyone’s talents is one of our main priorities, and there are numerous opportunities to learn and train. Take a look at the guide!

Internal coaching

A senior consultant individually provides training or a technical, functional or methodological tutorial to a requesting consultant.

The "campus"

Offered to employees between assignments, this programme is comprised of courses, research work and coaching.

Knowledge-sharing workshops

During these workshops, an expert – either a Nexeo Group consultant or an external participant – shares his or her knowledge and technical, functional or cross-discipline experience.

"Code retreat" days

These events allow the developers to get together in small groups to work on specific technical exercises.


A personalised training plan with the sector's training agents See more
  • More than 540 hours of training per year, with a personalised training policy conducted together with recognised bodies
  • Finance training provided by a specialised body for all new recruits.
  • Certifying training.
A knowledge acquisition and sharing system See more
  • Internal e-learning platform: Nexeo Academy
  • E-learning platform on the latest technologies: Pluralsight
  • Finance learning videos
  • MOOC
Opportunities to discuss and meet experts See more
  • One conference per year per person
  • Breakfasts on functional issues
  • Organisation and participation encouraged in meetups